Maintenance and management for Decent Fan Blower supply in Selangor supplier

Maintenance and management

The inspection split into periodic check and daily check.You'd better pay attention to the part of transmission in daily check. 
Deserve attention In order to avoid risks,the machine must be isolated from the power supply before maintenance work is
carried out.To ensure machine is safety.The electric and the mind-force will cause dangers.

a) Periodic check
If the fan runs placidly during running-in,periodic check according to sheet 2 for a 2~3 weeks distance.

b) Daily check
Usually,faults of fan are noise,Vibration and hot temperature,therefore,daily check is important.

i) Vibration
With the centre line of motor and bearing box,determine and mark the Vibration value on X,Y,Z direction,according to the
standard JB / T8689 - 1998.If the result is different of the standard,revise suitability. We don't hope the fan running less than
the standard,even if the unspent fan recognised. 

ii) Sound
If the fan has exceptional sound,ensure the causation in time as follows:skid of belts,joints become flexible,various,bearings,
motor.Especially check the bearings. 

iii) Temperature
Please pay attention to the temperature of bearings box and casing.If you insist on 3~4 seconds when touch the surface,here 
and now the temperature is 60.Motor's running temperatures are different due to the isolation grade.The limited temperature
of winding:grade B is 80,grade F is 100℃.

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