Periodic check table for Decent Fan Blower supply in Semenyih supplier

Check Part





- Ammeter


- Voltmeter


- Tachometer


- Whether the meter has abnormal?

- Whether the vision has abnormal?



- Shake


- Whether the jointing with surface and frame was collapsed?

- Whether the bolts become flexible?


- Blow by


- Whether the seal was destroyed?



- Rub with casing



- Whether the clearance in inlet is equality?

- Whether the clearance with casing is equality?(Axial Fan)

- Whether the motor keeps plumbed with casing?


- Shake


- Whether the duet accumulated badly?

- Unbalance?

- Whether the bolts of hub become flexible?


- Distortion of impeller


- Cauterization abrasion and distortion fearful?


- Distortion of bearing



- Whether the part of installed bearings and the bearing cover were destroyed?




Bearing Box

- Shake,heat,noise


- Whether the bolts and gaskets become flexible?

- Whether the bearings were damaged?

- Whether the oil leaked?

- If the seal is excessive?

- Whether the lubrication is excessive and unclean?

- Check the noise with stethoscope?

- Whether the temperature is higher touch with hand and




- Shake

- Whether the bottom bolts become flexible?

- Whether the base is good?

                                Periodic check table

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