Cleaning from Dust and Dirt & Overhaul for Ring Blower supply in Malaysia (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Cleaning from Dust and Dirt

Notice : Improper assembly.
Risk of premature failure!
Loss of efficiency!
  •  It is highly recommended that any dismantling of the machine that goes beyond anything that is described in this manual should be done through ENVIRONMECH.
WARNING : machines contaminated  with hazardous material.
Risk of poisoning!
Risk of infection!
If the machine is contaminated with hazardous material:
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.
In case of the machine having conveyed gas that was contaminated with foreign materials which are dangerous to health:
  • Decontaminate the machine as well as possible and state the contamination status in a 'Declaration of Contamination'.
For more information or enquiry, please contact Environmech Sdn. Bhd.