Maintenance Schedule for Ring Blower supply Malaysia

Maintenance Schedule for Ring Blower 
The maintenance intervals depend very  much on the individual operating conditions.
The intervals given below are desired to be considered as starting values which should be shortened or extended as appropriate.Particularly heavy duty operation, such as high dust loads in the environment or in the process gas, other contamination or ingress of process material, can make it necessary to shorten the maintenance intervals significantly.


Maintenance work


- Clean the machine from dust and dirt.

in case of an inlet filter being installed :

- Check the inlet filter cartridge, replace if necessary.

Every 6 months

- Clean the machine from dust and dirt.

- Make sure that the electronic components and the cooling fan are free from dust.


- Carry out a visual inspection and clean the machine from dust and dirt.

- Check the electrical connection and the monitoring devices.

- Clean the inlet and outlet silencer.

Every 5 years

- Have a major overhaul on the machine (contact your sales reprehensive).

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