Duplex Simplex basket filter Malaysia

Product Application:
The feature of duplex basket filter allows for continuous operation when changing elements due to clogging caused by contaminants.
After opening the balance valve and turning the directional valve, the other filter begins to work, thus a clogged element should be changed in time.
These series of duplex basket filters have a high flow range from 1300 l/min to 15000 l/min with maximum pressure of 1.6 Mpa. They are widely used in the hydraulic systems of heavy-duty mining and metallurgical machines.

You must know the exact positions of our duplex strainer – upper is the inlet and lower is an outlet after installation.
1. Change the filter cartridges in time when the CMS-I alarm is on and let the filter be in the standby state.
2. Switch valve must be in place.
3. Have the new filter cartridge ready and know when to change it. Reduce the time interval when the internal components of the filter are exposed.
4. Ensure the seals are in good-working condition whenever you change the cartridge. Don’t 
forget to put the seals during installation.
5. Don’t let anything fall into the filter after opening the cover.

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