ADJUSTING INTERVAL TIMER for CAF-900 Series Electric Self-Cleaning Screen Filter) (Semenyih Supplier)

NOTE that PLC OUTPUTS indicator no. 5 is used for visual interval timer setting (although
it's used for SV3 operation indicator).
1. Clear the INTERVAL TIMER. Press [RESET/FAULT] switch and S5 simultaneously for 2sec.

2. Press S5 until PLC OUTPUTS indicator no. 5 lit, and release S5.

3. At this state each pressing of S5 will cause the PLC to add 30 Minutes to the interval timer.

NOTE : That on each S5 pressing the PLC OUTPUTS indicator no. 5 will flash once to confirm 
operation. For example, to set the interval timer to activates flush each 4 hours you have to press 
S5 8 times (8 x 30 min. = 240 min. = 4 hrs.).

4. Switch the [MAIN] switch to OFF (0) position.

5. Switch again the [MAIN] switch to ON (1) position.

NOTE : That PLC OUTPUTS indicator no. 5 flashes once to confirm that the interval timer is 
enabled and contains some value. If on power up this indicator is not flashes then no interval is set.

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