AUTOMATIC FLUSHING FILTRATION SYSTEM -USER MANUAL for (CAF-900 Series Electric Self-Cleaning Screen Filter) supplier in Semenyih


A. Description of the Control Panel
1. Slide Switch – marked as MAIN
Used to connect the power supply to the control unit

2. Indicator light (green) - marked as ON
Used to indicate the internal 24 v AC power supply

3. Push button switch (orange) - marked as FL.
Used for manual cleaning
Note: When the FL light is lit up, it means that is back-washing.

4. Push button switch (red) - marked as FAULT.
In FAULT state, press this switch, when the red light is lit up marked as FAULT, press the switch to
reset the control unit

B. Description of internal control
1. PLC , (FATEK FB's 14MA).
PLC , Programmable Controller(FATEK FB's 14MA).

2. VIEW , Text Panel

3. TR1 , Low voltage isolation transformer ,24Vac/100VA-Solenoid Power

4. OL1 , Motor overload protection 1-1.6amp. With auxiliary contacts

5. C1a/C1b , For controlling the movement of the motor contactor

6. F1 , 2amp. Insurance to protect the SV1 - SV3

7. K1 , Fault auxiliary relay output to drive an external alarm device (if external alarm connect TB22,23

C. Terminal Connection

R/S/T - 220-480Vac + GND, 3-phase 50/60 hz. Input power

U/V/W - 220-480Vac + GND,3 -phase 50/60 hz. Motor power

SV1 - Conventional purge solenoid valve power supply (24V/10-25W)

SV2 - Emergency purge solenoid valve power supply (24V/10-25W)

SV3 - Bypass / SLOPE solenoid valve power supply (24V/10-25W)

DP - Differential pressure switch input (N.O)

L.S.I. – Motor limit sensor inputs

L.S.O. – Motor limit sensor outputs

REM —-Remote control input (N.O)
This port is no pressure pulses through the activation of not less than 100ms

ENA ——Remote Stop input(N.O)
When this port to enter a non-pressure cleaning mechanism of the anti-short-circuit
signal, the system will stop

FAL/FAULT - Fault status of the auxiliary output port (N.O)

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