Installation for the PLC CONTROLLER supply in Semenyih Area

General – Between the control unit & Filters junction box with 5 meters of cable sleeve,
the user only supply the power for the controller.

1. Connect the power cable (4x1-1.5mm) to the control unit terminals
IMPORTANT ! Main power must have the insurance protection 4x4amp
TB0 – GND Wire
TB0 – Neutral Wire (By 4-6 amp Insurance protection)
TB2 – Live Wire R phase (By 4-6 amp Insurance protection)
TB3 – Live Wire S phase (By 4-6 amp Insurance protection)
TB4 – Live Wire T phase (By 4-6 amp Insurance protection)

2. Relay between the filter cartridge and the control unit uses 4x1-1.5mm NYY cable to connect
the motor power(Cable need to be protected through casing)

Controller                                                            Filter relay box
TB5 – Motor GNDw ------------------------------------------TB5
TB6 – Motor U Phase ------------------------------------------TB6
TB7 – Motor V Phase ---------------------------------- TB7
TB8 – Motor W Phase -------------------------------------- TB8

IMPORTANT ! Confirm the motor has good grounding!
Confirm the motor connection (star / delta) and power supply, adjusting motor protection setting current

3. Use 9-12x0.75mm with the sleeve between the Filter relay box and the controller terminal to
connect the Back-washing solenoid / pressure.
Switch/Limit switch

Controller                                                                                  Filter relay box
TB9 - Magnetic valve common terminal ----------------------------------- TB9
TB10 - SV1 Conventional purge solenoid valve signal line --------------- TB10
TB11 - SV2 Emergency purge solenoid valve signal line ---------------- TB11
TB13 - Pressure switch signal line ----------------------------------------------- TB13
TB14 - Differential pressure switch common terminal --------------------- TB14
TB15 – LSI/LSO Sensor + supply line (brown)--------------------------------- TB15
TB16– LSI/LSO Sensor + supply line (brown)---------------------------------- TB16
TB17– LSI Sensor signal line (black)---------------------------------------------- TB17
TB18– LSO Sensor signal line (black) -------------------------------------------- TB18

4. Remote Boot & Stop Entrance
WARNING-Remote Boot& Remote stop signal must be passive contact.
A. Remote Boot-TB19-20,Activation pulse (pulse width of not less than 250 msec)
When this port from OFF to ON, the back-washing cycle will start.
B. Remote stop-TB19-21,When this port with a short signal will stop any filter cleaning function

Used to drive the external alarm device
NOTE – Maximum Throughput 220V/2amp ,At the same time, external alarm device must have
protection device.

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