Differential Pressure Cleaning for the PLC CONTROLLER supply in Kuala Lumpur Area

Differential pressure cleaning
Differential pressure in the filtration system will start DP back-washing
If DPL into force signal for 5 seconds (fixed internally set) will start DPL DP cleaning system
Under this condition, if the signal disappears DPL into force for five seconds (fixed internal
setting) will stop DPL DP mechanism.

The internal ON / OFF time delay will ensure that accident / differential pressure fluctuation
occasional start backwash procedure.

Once DP clean signals have been identified, the cleaning mechanism will perform routine
cleaning (REGULAR FLUSHING) process sequence, at this point, will activate the motor and
SV1, at the same time, the detection of DP signal:

- If DP signal disappears, The cleaning mechanism will complete a cleaning cycle after the stop.

- If the filter is carried out five cleaning cycles, DP signal is still present ,So, will activate the
emergency cleaning(EMERGENCY FLUSH),Solenoid valves SV1 and SV2 open
simultaneously performed 5 times anti-purge cycle again.

- If DP signal in EMERGENCY cleaning (EMERGENCY FLUSH) disappeared, after
the cleaning mechanism finishes one time backwashing, the action of the motor SV1/SV2 will
be stopped.

- If the execution of the DP signal 10 times after cleaning, still exist, so the cleaning mechanism
will not be able to complete cleaning of the filter, at the same time, the system will enter the DP
FLUSH FAULT state (FAULT indicator light will light up), the system will stop cleaning.
Press the FAULT switch, and it will reset the system.

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