Fault Status Description for the PLC CONTROLLER supply in Semenyih Area

Fault Status Description
PLC Running – Normal, POWER & RUN Green light is lit up
1. Motor Fault (FAULT Light is always lit up.)
Motor failure will cause the motor overload protection operation,and cause the motor to stop
FAULT (Light is always lit up.)
(PLC INPUT– No. X0 LED indicate overload motor failure)
When a restart is required, first press the overload protection device of the red button, and then
press the switch FAULT to reset the system.

Note: if this happens, please check the motor overload protection device of the current setting
2. Fault pressure cleaning
(PLC INPUT - No. X3 Indicator to indicate the situation of the DP system)
In this case, press the FAULT switch to reset the system, and it can continue to be cleaned
When the DP signal persists, it will start regular cleaning (REGULAR FLUSHING),at the
same DP signal if it continues to exist, executes EMERGENCY cleaning (EMERGENCY
FLUSHING), if the second cleaning did not succeed, you need to clean the filter manually.

3. Limit switch failure of the motor(FAULT Indicator light will flash)
The cleaning cycle is performed by motor machine screw moved OUT from the position limit 
switch IN position limit switch, if the limit switch is damaged, will lead to clean the damage
of structure.
In order to avoid damage in cleaning mechanism, PLC will detect the motor from the LSI
to LSO location of the moving time,If there is no outgoing signal from the LSI or LSO
(because of the connection error or failure) , the FAULT indicator light will flash, indicating limit
switch failure
Note: According to the last of the cleaning time/position, the control unit will continue to
be in accordance with to activate the cleaning mechanism
Time to re-adjust the limit switch See Section F

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