Motor sports adjustment for the PLC CONTROLLER supply in Environmech Sdn Bhd (Kuala Lumpur)

Motor sports adjustment
In order to ensure the normal operation of filtration system movement, the motor must be
synchronized with the work of Power Relay C1a & C1b

Filter limit switches have been set and fixed at the factory. However, due to vibration during transportation, 
motor limit switch sensors might be loose,In order to guarantee the normal work of the filter, please check
if there is a loose limit switch.

Labeled C1a power relay indication motor IN position (until the motor is mounted on the metal disc reaches 
the limit switch sensor LSI), and marked C1b power relay instructions circular
metal motor OUT position (until mounted on the motor disc reaches the limit switch sensors LSO)

NOTE: L.S.A L.S.I. limit switches and sensors with LED lights on the back, if the lights in
the description of this limit switch "On" (ON) state

Check the power supply
According the "D"Chapter to finish the connection of the control unit.
1 The main switch [MAIN] is set in OFF (0) position
2 Connect the main power supply to the control unit
3 Check the control unit power inlet of the three-phase voltage
Between the TB2(N/0)&TB3(R Phase)
Between the TB3(N/0)&TB4(S Phase)
4 Adjusting the main switch [MAIN] to ON (1) position.

IMPORTANT !!!It is necessary care when you operate C1a and C1b the to ensure that metal
disc movement does not exceed the limit switch Sensor Edge
1. C1a/C1b manual button (IN the middle of the C1a/C1b), confirmed C1a turn the motor to the
position of IN, C1b the rotation motor to the OUT of position.
If it is not so –
- The main switch [MAIN] rotation to OFF (0) position. In order to avoid the risk of
disconnecting the power connection, and then reversed phase power cord (TB6 and TB7, or TB7
and TB8). Reconnect the power connection.
- The main switch [MAIN] rotated to ON (1) position, re-examine the motion of the motor.
2.Check the limit switch LSI: Manual hold C1a until metal disk reaches LSI sensor location area,
check whether the LED light(PLC INPUTS indicator light no. 4 lit up)
3.Switch LSO:Manual hold C1b until metal disk reaches LSO sensor location area, check
whether the LED light(PLC INPUTS indicator light no. 5 lit up)
4.If it is normal, making the motor stop at LSI or LSO location.
5. Press [FL] Switch
Confirm the motor can convert between IN and OUT limit switch(There is a 1 seconds time
interval between each scan).
At this moment SV1 will be in the ON state and the (FL) light is lit up

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