Ultrasonic level transmitter - Supplier in (Semenyih - Selangor Malaysia)

UTG21-PY includes several proprietary technologies, is safe and clean,
with high precision and long service life, stable and reliable, and convenient to install and maintain,
and is applicable to various fields of acid, alkali, salt, anticorrosion, and high temperature. 
The meter's all input and output lines must be with such protection functions as lightning protection 
and short circuit prevention.

● Range : 0~15m
● Blind area : 0.25m~0.5m
● Ranging accuracy : 0.3% (Standard condition)
● Ranging resolution : 1mm
● Pressure : Less than four atmospheric pressure
● Display : With LCD to display liquid levels
● Analog output : 4~20mA
● Digital output : RS485, Agreement Modbus or customization agreement (four-wire)
● Power supply : DC24V or AC220V
● Ambient temperature : -20℃~+60℃
● Protection grade : IP65
● Installation : Nut or flange

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