Flushing Valve Assembly Removal & Installation for Electric Self Cleaning Filter supply in Selangor

Flushing valve Removal & Installation
(1) Close the inlet and outlet water conservancy valves, disconnect the power supply.
(2) Remove the control line in the drain valve.
(3) Since different types of drain valve installation is also different,If it is the PVC flushing
valve, unscrew the drain valve clockwise directly. If it is the brass drain valve, remove the fixing 
screws, and then unplug the drain valve.(as figure e and f)
(4) Replaced the new flushing valve。
(5) Reset the pipeline。
(6) Open the filter into the outlet valve water conservancy, connect the power supply。
(7) Disconnect the low-voltage control line on the differential pressure gage,finished one
time circulate reverse cleaning, after beginning, please immediately reset the line which was removed.
(8) Check whether the drain valve is closed after 10 seconds.
(9) Manually change solenoid valve on-off state for a manual cleaning cycle.

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