Periodical Checks for Self Cleaning Filter supply in Semenyih Area

Periodical Checks (Figure 10)
Perform yearly Periodical Checks at the beginning of the season, according to the
following instructions:
1. Check the condition of the fine screen assembly. If defective, replace according to
"Fine Screen Assembly Removal & Installation".
2. Check seal condition. Lubricate with silicon grease.
3. Remove the brush according to "brush Removal & Installation" and check the
brushes height. If defective, adjust or replace with a new one.
2. Check condition of the bearings, replace if damaged or deformed.
3. Check existence of grease on the motor axis.
4. Check the filter housing for paint damage and corrosion. If required, clean the area with
sandpaper and apply a thin layer of basic + epoxy paint.
5. Check for leaks.

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