Solution of filter failure for Self Cleaning filter supply in Malaysia

The solution of filter failure

1. When the filter can't be cleaned by manual
- Confirm the pressure is normal in the Inlet and Outlet(Outlet pressure not less than 1bar)
- Control the solenoid valve,Confirm the back washing is normal 

A) If it is normal,put the control knob is rotated to an intermediate position,press the manual
 cleaning button on the control box, Confirm whether the controller output voltage is 24 vac
- If there is no voltage, it means there are some problems in the control system. And then please ask 
the professional technical staff.
- If there is voltage, it means that the solenoid valve is bad or the connection of the solenoid valve is bad.

B) If it is not normal, please deal with the following prepress.
- Remove the solenoid valve inlet, to confirm whether there is pressure within the pipeline.A.
 if not, it means that the pipeline is blocked.
- If there is water, remove the solenoid valve outlet(this pipeline is which connects the solenoid valve),
Mandatory solenoid valve.
- If without water,it means the solenoid valve is bad(There is no water pressure of the pipeline under normal)
- If there is water overflowing with water pressure, follow the steps below for processing.
- Remove the control line which is connected to the flush valve, confirm whether there is water pressure,( (forced state)
- If not, it means that the pipeline is blocked.
- If it has work pressure, it means that the flush valve is blocked or bad.

2. The filter can't automatically anti-washing.
- Check the controller power
- Check the controller switch is normal or not
- In the former two are normal circumstances, the differential pressure switch (DP) of two line short circuit,
 confirm whether reverse cleaning system.
- If the system is working, it means that the switch is bad.
- If the system is not working, Please confirm when the DP signal is short circuit, whether there is power supply
in solenoid valve, if have, that means the solenoid valve is bad, if haven't, the controller should be bad.
- If the quality of the raw water is good , and the pressure switch sets a high point, the controller is set to use only
the differential signal, the system will last a long time and does not automatically anti-washing. Therefore, we should 
set the self-cleaning of the controller to time, common patterns using DP signal. To set the differential pressure switch 
for 7 psi or 0.5 bar.

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