Solution of filter failure for Self Cleaning filter supply in Selangor

Solution of filter failure
3. The automatic water filter back-washing can't stop
- Removed the pressure switch signal lines, to see whether to stop the wash cycle
a) If the cleaning cycle is over, check the different pressures in inlet and outlet. If it is
normal, that means the differential pressure switch is damaged, if it is not normal, so
you need to manually clean the filter.

Note: If the outlet pressure of the filter close to "0", set the controller power is
turned off, and then close the filter outlet valves, and other export pressure of 1 bar
above, and then manually back-washing

b) If the cleaning cycle is not over, according to the following steps to processing.
- Check the control pipe line which connects the flush valve and solenoid valve,
whether there is water pressure.
- If there isn't pressure, it means that the flush valve is blocked or bad.
- If there is pressure ,If the pressure, the solenoid valve is measured with a millimeter 
voltage input of 24VAC
- If there is a voltage input, it means that the control section has a problem。
- If no voltage input, explain the electromagnetic valve is bad

4. When the cleaning, the sewage pipe make noise "pop"
This phenomenon may be caused by the following reasons:
a. With a drain valve connected to sewage pipes fixed loose. Due to the impact of
sewage water is larger, causing the pipe resonance, thus producing sound.
b. When the flush valve will be shut down, due to the sewage cut off, Close to the location 
The drain valve exports will begin to have a vacuum, Resulting in sewage that cannot flow into 
the sewage ditch smoothly. Due to the effect of vacuum, will make the drain valve will produce vibration,
thus makes a noise.
c. Water pressure is not stable. When the flush valve is opened, When the flush valve is opened, water 
rapidly through the flush valve, as pressure instability, and therefore will cause internal blow down valve 
piston under the action of the spring in a row hit the pipe, thus producing sound.
d. There is water pressure inside the sewage pipes. When the flush valve closed, because of the water 
pressure inside the pipe. Flush valve cannot be closed smoothly, Flush valve piston by spring inside to
shut down, Therefore, the spring pressure inside the pipe interaction, so that the piston slap pipeline, and sound.

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