Shaft sealing installation for (Electric Self-Cleaning Screen Filter) Selangor

Shaft sealing installation (Figure 4)
The role of the shaft seal is to prevent junction leakage motor and filter.

1. Close the inlet and the outlet line valves.
2. Set the main switch at the control panel to "0" position.
3. Verify that the filter is drained prior to service.
4. A qualified technician will carry out the electrical connections.
5. Disconnect the electric motor from the electrical power source. Prior to removal, mark
the electrical wiring connections (according to colors) on the new motor.
6. Remove the screw in the rear part of the motor.
7. Remove the four nuts and washers attaching the motor assembly to the motor adapter.
8. Carefully remove the motor assembly. Verify existence of splint on the motor axis groove.
9. Remove the four nuts from the motor adaptor lower part,
10. Unscrew the tightening nut and remove the sealing rope.
11. Install 3 new rings of sealing rope in the motor adaptor.
12. Connect the tightening nut (do not tight it).
13. Install the motor adapter, by itself, in its place (the brush spinning axis will be inside it
in this stage).
14. Tight the nut and open it again to add the 4th ring of sealing rope.
15. Tight the nut in its place.
16. Install, with the four nuts, the motor adaptor to the filter cover.
17. Carefully slide the motor assembly on the brush spinning axis.
18. Install the motor on the adaptor with the four screws and nuts.
19. Connect the electric motor to the electrical power source according to the marking
previously made in step 5.
20. Set the main switch at the control panel to "1" position.
21. Open the inlet and the outlet line valves.

Take precautions while operating the filter because the filter might enter a flushing
mode automatically, without prior warning.

22. Perform a flushing cycle by pressing the MANUAL FLUSH switch at the control panel.
23. Verify that the motor is spinning clockwise and the hydraulic flushing valves close after 10 seconds.
24. Check for leaks.

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