Introduction of FILTRON16 controller system supply in Malaysia


FILTRON16 controller is specially designed for automatic backwash
filter system,it has superior characteristics as follow:

1.The Selection of DC, AC power are supplied (The factory setting is
AC220V, 50HZ );

2.Reading: one Differential Pressure gauge, One water meter, (Optional)
One Low pressure detector. (Optional)

3.Main valve, alarm and Independent output terminals.

4. All parameters are user definable,:
1) Flushing cycle;
2) Flushing time;
3) Adjacent filter back washing time interval;
4) Differential pressure delay;
5) The number of continuous loop back washing;
6) Main valve delay
5.Solenoid manual test mode.
6.Start flushing according to time interval.
7.Start flushing according to pressure difference.
8.Start flushing according to volume measured by water meter.
9.Manual start/stop of flushing sequence.
10.Full screen display include:
1).Number of manual start backwash
2).Number of time based activations;
3). Number of differential pressure start activations;
4).Number of volumetric activations.;
5).Water meter accumulation;
6).Automatic pause on low pressure;
7).Automatic alarm if necessary.

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