DC and AC models for Automatic Self-cleaning Filtration System supply in Selangor Area

DC and AC models

FILTRON16 mainly includes the DC and AC two modes, the two modes for
different power supply and electromagnetic valve.

FILTRON16's DC model is based on a 12-24 v alkaline battery power, it
will automatically start when the DC voltage is more than 12V ,and alarm when
the it is lower than 10V, DC mode power consumption is very low.

FILTRON16's AC model is based on a 24V AC power for the controllerand a set of 24VAC two position three-way solenoid valve power modes.

Because the AC mode is to use 24 v AC to start the solenoid valve. Therefore,
if the voltage drop occurs, the solenoid valve will not start, but the data will
not be lost because of the voltage drop.

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