Using The Keyboard for Automatic Self-cleaning Filtration System supply in Malaysia


The FILTRON10 is equipped with a keyboard of 5 buttons as shown in the
following drawing:

The right key is the <ENTER> , and the others are called arrows, there
are horizontal arrows and vertical arrows.

The <ENTER> key is used for:
a) Confirmation after inserting a numerical value
b) confirmation of entering a function
c) manual start/stop cleaning

The arrows are used for:
a) Movement between screens.
b) The upper arrow increases the value by 1 line
c) The lower arrow decreases the value by 1 line
d) The right arrow increase the parameter
e) The left arrow decrease the parameter

Press the horizontal "left" and "right" arrows at the same time to return to
the main page.

Press the vertical "up" "down" arrows at the same, the statistical
parameters will be cleared.

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