Setting the Flushing for Automatic Self-cleaning Filtration System supply in Selangor Area

3) Setting flushing time:
Backwash time determines how long a backwash valve opens during
backwash time.
Such as : FLUSH : 10S Said the flushing time is 10 seconds.

4) Setting the dead time:
Dead time is measured by the decelerator, it is the dead time between
two units successfully backwashing
Such as : DWELL : 8s Represents the end of one unit to the next unit
the backwash start time is 8 seconds.

5) D.P. Gauge
The following three parameters of the differential pressure meter must be set.
The first parameter determines the time when the D.P reaches steady.
Such as : D.P. DELAY : 12S it represents the differential pressure signal that reaches 12 seconds after the start to keep the backwash.
The second parameter determines the limit of the number of cycles. That
means the cycle index of keeping the D.P close.

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