Testing the solenoid & Setting the flushing cycle for Automatic Self-cleaning Filtration System supply in Selangor Area

1)Testing the solenoid:
Starting the solenoid valve in turn in the manual page. Wiring sequence
detecting solenoid valve is normally open and the solenoid valve is
working properly.
Such as : FLUSH 3 "START"
Press the "ENTER" key. The No.3 Solenoid Valve will be open.

2)Setting the flushing cycle:
The flushing cycle can be expressed in terms of time or flow capacity. The
the first event to occur will cause the start of a flushing sequence and will
reset both the flow capacity and the time based counters. Flushing
sequence caused by the D.P. (DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE STAT) will also
reset both of the counters.

Only when there is a water meter in the system, can the backwash start
based on the reference value of flow capacity.
Such as CYC : 30M Said flushing cycle is 30 minutes
If use time as the basis of start up back washing, Then the start of the
back washing interval between two successfully back washing to decide.
Time determination of the range of 30-9990 minutes. No matter in what way backwash is started, the counter is cleared.

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