Maglev Turbo Blower (Magnetic) Malaysia

Shandong Tianrui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, located in Weifang High-tech Zone. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development of magnetic levitation technology and rock drilling machinery.

Tianrui has a leading R&D team in the industry. The company has 167 patents and three kinds of products of well-known brands in Shandong. 

We have passed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Control System, ISO14001 Environment Management System, OHSAS18001 Professional Health Safety Control  System, Measurement Management and intellectual property management system certification, and CE Certification.

According to the evaluation of China Hi-tech Industrialization Research Association has concluded that the energy-saving and noise-reducing effect of the Maglev Turbo Blower reaches the international advanced level.

Product introduction
The maglev turbo blower developed by Tianrui Heavy Industry is a kind of high-tech green energy-saving environmental products. Adopting core technologies, including advanced magnetic suspension bearings, three-dimensional flow impellers, high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motors, high-efficiency frequency converter, intelligent monitoring and control. 

When starting, It is suspended at first and then rotated, without friction, without lubrication, a direct connection between turbine and rotor, and zero transmission loss. 

Compared with Roots blower, it can save 30%-40% energy and reduce noise to less than 80 dB.

It is widely used in sewage treatment, aquaculture, steel, cement, food, brewing, textile, petrol chemistry, thermal power plant and other fields.

Working principle
The active magnetic levitation bearing system is the core system of the magnetic levitation blower. The motor rotor is fixed between two radial magnetic levitation bearings and two thrust magnetic levitation bearings. 

The position of the rotor is detected by the position sensor, and the position signal is reflected to the main controller in real-time. When the rotor is deflected, the main controller will return the rotor to the correct position by the way of adjusting the magnetic force of the magnetic bearing.

Overall Structure

Key Technologies
Active magnetic suspension bearing
With controllable electromagnetic force, it can provide motor rotor with non-contact and non-wear support, which has no mechanical friction and lubrication, low noise, and so on.
Hydrodynamic impeller

The centrifugal impeller of high strength aluminum alloy processed by 5-axis precision machine tools is designed by a three-dimensional flow method, which maximizes the efficiency of the centrifugal impeller and has a long service life.

High-efficiency Frequency Converter

It is used to regulate the speed of PMSM, which can be monitored by integrated HMI.

High-speed Permanent magnet motor

Adopt compact stator and filling permanent magnet rotor, which is of high rotating speed, high efficiency and long service life.

Control system

It uses 256-bit LCD-TFT touch screen and 800*480 DPI high resolution widescreen to provide users with a variety of communication interfaces.

It has an anti-surge (SURGE) protection function and maximizes product safety. Provide a variety of modes of operation.

Application Industry

Municipal and industrial sewage treatment
It is mainly used to aerate the sewage tank, so that the bio activator in the sewage treatment tank can fully contact the substances in the sewage, thereby achieving the purpose of decontamination.

Material gas transportation
Cement plant, chemical, food and other industries: It is used for pneumatic conveying of industrial raw materials, dust, food raw materials, etc.

Industrial applications
Papermill, brewing industry, textile industry, dairy processing industry, thermal power industry, etc.

Blowing air into the bottom of the aquaculture ponds increases the oxygen content in the ponds in order to increases the survival rate of the aquatic products.

Performance comparison

Compared with Roots Blower

Specification & Models

Dimension Drawing
The size:
For equipment with 110kw and less than 110kw(L*W*H):
For equipment with 150kw and more than 150kw(L*W*H):
Size requirements for installation:
For environmental requirements, the indoor floor is flat, with no dust or very little dust. 
It is recommended that the cement floor is paved with ceramic tile or floor paint.

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