Cautions for Installation for Electromagnetic Flow Meter supply at Semenyih (Environmech)

4.1 Mounting Positions
** PIpes must be fully filled with liquids. It is essential that pipes remain fully filled at all times, 
otherwise flow rate indications may be affected and measurement errors may be caused.

                                 Mounting Positions

**Avoid Air Bubbles. If air bubbles enter a measurement pipe, flow rate indications may be 
affected and measurement errors may be caused.

                      Avoiding Air Bubbles
**Install the meter with enough room for future access for maintenance purposes.
**The magnetic meter isolating liner, whether it is PTFE or Rubber, is not intended to be 
used as gasket material. Standard gaskets (not provided) should be installed to ensure a 
proper hydraulic seal. When installing the gaskets, make sure they are properly centered 
to avoid flow restriction or turbulence. Do not use graphite or any electrically conductive 
sealing compound to hold the gaskets in place during installation. This could affect the
reading accuracy of the measuring signal.

WARNING : Precaution for direct sunshine and rain when the meter is installed outside.

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