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Experimental Data , Data Analysis And Regression Curves

The CD-Rom attached to the present report includes the following files and information:

OTTFPDATA.xls: This file includes all the DO v/s Time  data collected for each individual probe during each individual test run.Data is organised in such a way that each spreadsheet is named after the aeration Layout to which data correspond. Each spreadsheet includes different data sets named after the corresponding test run as a function of the airflow to which it corresponds.

Files FPx.xls and FPxRy.xls:For each of the test runs considered,these include regression curves and fitting residuals for all DO probes, Kla and C* values for each individual probe both under test conditions and standard conditions, truncation levels used in parameter estimation, and SOTR and SOTE values for each test.

By way of example, data included in file FP1.56R3.xls is presented in the following pages.

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