OTT System Aeration Equipment Oxygen Transfer Tests - Supplier at Semenyih Area - Selangor - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

1. Purpose And Scope

OTT System of Langenhagen (Germany) is a manufacturer of aeration equipment for the supply of oxygen to activated sludge wastewater treatment plants.

In order to verify / demonstrate performance characteristics of some of their aeration products, OTT has decided to conduct an oxygen transfer test program to evaluate oxygen transfer performance of the FLEXSIL Fine pore Magnum Clip-In membrane diffusers.

Asesoría Técnica y Control (ATC) has been commissioned the conduction of a series of shop scale Clean Water Oxygen Transfer Tests on a system equipped with this diffuser.

This document includes all the information regarding the tests conducted , the testing equipment and procedures followed, and the final results obtained for the different systems and conditions tested.

Tests were conducted by Ian Trillo and Javier Saborido (ATC) between December 5th and December 12th 2007.

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