OTT System Aeration Equipment Oxygen Transfer Tests - Supplier at Semenyih Area - Selangor - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

2. Description Of Testing Procedures And Equipment

Shop Scale Clean Water Oxygen Transfer Tests are carried out by ASESORIA TECNICA Y CONTROL 's personnel in ATC's clean water testing facilities in Terrassa , Barcelona (Spain) In compliance with the procedures included in the ASCE Standard ' A Standard for the Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Clean Water ' (ANSI/ASCE 2-91).

2.1 Summary Of Method

The test method is based upon removal of dissolved oxygen form the water volume by addition of chemicals followed by reaeration to near the saturation level.
The dissolved oxygen inventory of the water volume is monitored during the reaeration period by measuring dissolved oxygen concentrations at several determination points selected to best represent the tank contents.

The data obtained at each determination point are then analyzed by a simplified mass transfer model to estimate the apparent mass transfer coefficient , KLa , and the stray state dissolved oxygen saturation concentration , C*。The basic model is given by 

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