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Nonlinear regression is employed to fit the above equation to the DO profile measured at each determination point during reaeration. 
In this way , estimates of  KLa     and  C*¥ are obtained at each determination point. These estimates are adjusted to standard conditions 
(20°C water temperature, zero DO concentration and one atmosphere) and the standard oxygen transfer rate (SOTR) is obtained as the average of the products of the adjusted determination point KLa values, corresponding adjusted determination point C*¥ values, and the tank volume.

Oxygen transfer efficiency (OTE) refers to the fraction of the mass of oxygen in an injected air stream dissolved into the test fluid under given conditions. 

The standard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) is the oxygen transfer efficiency corrected to standard conditions 

(20°C water temperature, zero DO and 1.00 atmospheres) and may be calculated for a given flow of air by


SOTE   =   SOTR / W02






W02 = mass flow of oxygen in the air stream, mass/time (Kg/hr).

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