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2.2 Description Of The Test Basin

Asesoría Técnica y Control´s (ATC) clean water test tank is an  industrial (Shop) scale rectangular concrete tank, 7 metres long by 4 metres wide, with total height of 7.5 metres. The tank dimensions are such that it is possible to represent a section of a full scale aeration system, thereby ensuring results are applicable to real full-scale conditions.

The compressed air fed to the aeration system is produced by means of a positive displacement blower (Aerzener Machine Factory GM 25S Delta Blower). 
For the purpose of testing, airflow to the basin is controlled using a  control valve to by-pass to the atmosphere a portion of the compressed air stream in order to allow feeding of the desired amount of air to the aeration system. 
Airflow to test basin is measured by means of a calibrated orifice plate  inserted in the air feed line, where a pressure gauge and thermometer are also  present to allow for pressure and temperature corrections of the measured flow  to standard conditions. 
During tests, airflow readings (differential  pressure,  flow, line pressure and line temperature), are taken manually every 5 minutes and the average flow for the duration of each test run is used for system performance calculations.


The air distribution system to the test tank also includes an Endress+Hauser Prowirl 77 vortex flowmeter that can also be used for flow measurement. 
Vortex flowmeter readings have been used for flow measurement in some of the higher airflow tests due to orifice plate pressure drop measuring device limitations. 
For each test run, flow to the test basin was adjusted to +/- 2% of the target airflow value by opening or closing the by-pass valve to control the amount of air fed to the system.

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