OTT System Aeration Equipment Oxygen Transfer Tests - Supplier in Kuala Lumpur - Semenyih Selangor - Malaysia


The type of aeration system to be installed in the test tank largely depends on the specific targets for each client/job. 
The air feed pipe to the basin is open near the bottom of the basin and is equipped with a standard DN100 flange toallow easy connection of most aeration systems in use. 
With a total tank bottom surface of 28 m2, the system allows for good representation of most of the aeration system arrangements and densities usually installed in full scale STW.

The present series of tests has been conducted on an aeration system equipped with 36 Magnum Clip-in FLEXSIL diffusers.
 In order to allow building  the required test grids, original parts and diffusers have been made available by OTT.

After installation in the tank, diffusers were 37 cm above tank bottom.   

Layout 2: 36 Magnum Clip-In FLEXSIL Fine Pore (72m of diffuser)

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