Applications & Features for rotary blower supply in Selangor Area (Environmech Sdn. Bhd.)

Applications & Features for rotary blower

● Wastewater aeration
● Mixing and aerating of hospital and laboratory waste products 
● Conveying papers in offset printing operations
● Agitation and aeration for plating tanks and wastewater
● Air supplier for plastic welding and blowing
● For mist spray of burner and in glass industry and others

● Compact, powerful air capacity, low noise and economical energy consumption. (It adopts the principle of air compressed by revolving movement. Therefore, although compact, the rotary blowers display their powerful discharged capacity, low noise, and litter energy consumption that can't be surpassed by other competitors.)
● Stable operation, simple installation. (In the case of small types, the blower can be conveniently installed and mere vibration produced if placed correctly, not requiring any other anti-vibration device.)
● Resisting load changes, securing fixed air capacity (For instance, if a rotary blower is used for sanitary treatment in the aeration tank, almost no air capacity is decreased even if load becomes large due to the change in the pressure inside the tank.)
● Air chamber equipped for dispersing air smoothly. (All models are provided with an air chamber, resulting in being free from air pulsation and air dispersed smoothly.)
● Superior material, ingenious structure, remarkable performance (All parts of the blowers are made of superior material and are fine designed and manufactured. It is durable in use and free of trouble and deterioration of performance after a long time.)
● Simple maintenance, rare malfunctions, long using life (The low speed of blower ensures small abrasion and long life.)

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