Principles and construction of rotary blower supply in Semenyih Area (Environmech Sdn. Bhd.)

B. Principles and construction of rotary blower:
Pressure Range of the blower: 0.1~0.5 kgf/cm2
HC Rotary blower's structure is exquisite, it mainly consists of a motor, air filter, blower body,
air chamber, base (and oil tank) and oil dropping nozzle. The blower is so designed and
constructed that air is sucked, compressed and discharged repeatedly while vanes
protruding from the grooves of the rotor are coming in and out by revolution of a rotor (rotating
body) set eccentrically inside the cylinder diameter. A minimum required quantity of oil is
dropped to an oil dropping nozzle, and then dropped into the cylinder always while
operating in order to make lubrication for the purpose of preventing heat and noise from
generating. At the same time, circumfluence of air in the cylinder is avoided.

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