Feature for Air Knife & Air Knife Drying Systems supply at Malaysia

Feature for Air Knife & Air Knife Drying Systems
  • The blowing accuracy of the air knife is 20% higher than that of ordinary air knife
  • Korda effect design, more than 30% higher than the traditional wind blade.
  • HIgh efficiency, 40% lower energy consumption than general nozzle and self-made air knife.
  • Wide application : it is widely used for fast cutting and drying, fast drying, dust removal, heat insulation and air curtain, surface drying, cooling and jet printing, preventing condensation and coating.
  • Can be configured with a variety of wind sources: high pressure fan, high speed turbine fan, air compressor, medium pressure fan, centrifugal fan etc., easy installation.
  • Provide a variety of specifications, the length can be customized according to the customer, the outlet can be adjusted by themselves. Realize adjustable air volume, adjustable wind speed.
  • Various types of air knife are applicable to different air sources and various installation space requirements, also provides customized air knife other than this catalog (hole type air knife for PCB industry, tube type blow-dry annular air knife, round air knife for electroplating industry, full teflon material air knife, irregular air knife, and composite wind knife with dim-hole holes.)
  • Air flow is uniform, blowing out in a straight line with no vibration and low noise (65~80Dba). Simple and strong structure, not easy to damage, long service life, 8 years warranty.
  • The knife itself does not need electricity and has no moving parts.
  • No need to contact the material surface when the air knife is dry, no need to scrape the water and dirt on the material surface with the wiper or blade.
  • Integrated structural design - compact, strong, easy to install.
  • Customization : the size and type of air inlet can be customized according to customer requirements.

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