Application for Air Knife & Air Knife Drying Systems (Semenyih Supplier)

Application for Air Knife & Air Knife Drying Systems
  • The effect of water removal and air drying can determine whether the cleaning products in the cleaning line are good products. The parts are transported from the cleaning tank of the online washing machine. The parts with water droplets will be dried before entering the drying and drying furnace. The drying effect of the products will be different.
  • Installing the air knife into the washing device of the washing machine can greatly shorten the drying time and reduce the production cost. Equipped with a high-pressure blower and air knife, the high-speed sir curtain of 70~150m/s is blown from the air knife edge, and the wind direction will not be messy. By using this strong wind, the water droplets remaining on the surface of the object to be washed can be scattered instantly, so that water marks (scale,markings) will not occur. At the same time, the compression of the high-pressure blower will generate hot air, which can remove water and assist drying.
  • According to the use of the air knife in the dewatering tank and drying tank, because of the light-weight design, the installation space needs to be reduced. The air source does not necessarily use a compressor, which can greatly reduce the cost of use.

  • Generally, 2~5 air knives are installed on the conveyor line of the cleaning machine, and the 2~5 air knives below are respectively installed in opposite directions. There is little water attached to the original parts. If there are scattered water droplets floating on the inside of the water removal chamber, please be sure to force exhaust.
  • Teh parts transported to the drying chamber can be completely dried in the strong gas and compression heat of the high-pressure blower.
  • For the parts with complex shape, when water splashes from the hole as long as the air knife blows gently, please divide the air drying process into water removal section, drying section and hot air drying section, and use the air knife and high-pressure fan or high-speed turbine fan to blow, no matter how complex parts (with deep groove or groove blind hole, etc.) can reach absolute dry state.

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