Operating Principle for EA Series Standard Air Knife supply at Semenyih Area - Environmech Sdn Bhd

Operating Principle EA Series Standard Air Knife
EA standard air knife structure unique design, mainly consists of round air inlet, wide straight air duct, gradually narrow air duct and a section of straight narrow air duct.The width of blade edge can be customized. That is to say, the air outlet wind speed, air volume and air pressure can be adjusted. It has the characteristics of small wind resistance and small pressure loss. It is especially suitable for ultrasonic cleaning machine, glass cleaning machine, circuit board, electroplating parts, coating, non-ferrous metal plate / wire production and other processes in a variety of processes; it can be used for barrier free isolation of harmful gases, dust, cold and hot air, blowing paper on printing paper and post printing drying; it can be used for rapid heating, thawing and high-temperature sterilization of food and medicine; it can be used for dedusting and electrostatic precipitating.

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