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Performance Feature for EA Series

Main Material : 6061 T6 aluminium
The adjustment range of air blower : (0.3+3mm), cannot be adjusted before delivery
Sealing gasket material : food grade Teflon gasket
Standard blowing accuracy : full blade + 5%
Heat resistant temperature : 250°C
Wind speed of air knife : 20 - 200m/s
Pressure resistance : 2kgf/cm2
Weight (per 100mm length) : 400g
Surface treatment : Anodic treatment
Application fluid : air (air knife), water (spray water knife)

Feature :-
  • The tool body is made of 6061 aluminium alloy, which has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, practicality and reliability.
  • The unique design of the structure ensures small wind resistance, average wind speed and uniform wind shape, the accuracy can reach + 5%.
  • The maximum wind speed is 200m/s, the maximum temperature resistance is 250°C, and the maximum withstand voltage is 2kgf/cm2.
  • HIgh pressure fan, centrifugal fan, high-speed turbine fan, Roots fan, etc. Medium pressure fan as air source, flexible and convenient application.
  • Equipped with a heater, it can be used for hot air drying, hot air rapid drying or sterilization.
  • The width of the air outlet can be adjusted (0.3-3mm), various inlet diameters and positions can be selected for convenience installation. Customized length up to 3 meters.
  • The air knife is made of 6061 T6 aluminium alloy. It can obtain high speed airflow with very low pressure loss. The power consumption of the air blower required by the air knife is greatly reduced. It is an energy-saving air knife.
  • The blade curtain type can be blown out from the integral seam free blade, and the uniform air source can be blown out to play a high performance. The accuracy range of air speed error is within + 5% (except air knife = 25mm at both ends of air outlet).
  • Compared with the ordinary air knife, the volume of surrounding air is less, which greatly improves the straightness of the blowing air and the effective blowing distance.
  • The blade of the air knife is a reduced linear air duct, and the high-speed air flow will not cause resonance noise of the air knife body, and the air knife has low noise.
  • All the fixed parts and screws of the air knife are made of SUS304 material. The air inlet form can be customized according to the use conditions. The upper installation, lower installation or both sides installation can be selected. In addition, the adjustment of the blowing angle of the air knife is also very simple. Note : For the change type or air inlet shape of the air knife (order product), the length of the air outlet is unchanged, and the size is different.
  • The shape of the air curtain is isosceles umbrella type. The installation direction of the air knife does not need to be different, so it can be installed arbitrarily.
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