Fine Bubble Disc Aeration supply in Selangor Supplier

Fine Bubble Disc Aeration

Reliable Product Material
Rubber Membrane : Use high-quality rubber raw material, and customize material composition and proportion according to the requirement of aeration condition. Excellent physical and chemical properties effectively prevent the contraction, hardening and aging of the diaphragm and extend the product service life.

Plastic supporting plate : Polypropylene fiber and glass fiber are selected, with additives such as anti-aging. This material combination enables the product to retain sufficient strength while having excellent toughness. In addition, the product is durable and performance stable with the ability of anti-oxidation, anti-impact, anti-creep and anti-corrosion.

Reliable Processing Technology
* Professional surface treatment process. Smooth surface prevents the membrane from scaling.
* Tiny bubbles reduce the destruction effect to activate sludge particles and maintain the system's biological activity.
* Membrane producing adopts pressing mould technology. With uniform material processing, the membrane's anti-tearing strength and multi direction anti-tearing strength are strong.
* Mechanical assembly production. Reliable product quality and sufficient product stock.

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