Special Design For Product Structure (Fine Bubble Disc Aeration) supply in Selangor

Special Design For Product Structure

01. Six "L" clamping strips are designed on the outside of the aerator cover,which can prevent the aerator from falling off the membrane caused by the creep of the plastic cover due to the long time of bearing the expansion of the diaphragm and the external tension pressure.

02. Special check struction design. There is a convex check ring around air vent of the supporting plate, and a round bulge on the central inner side of the rubber membrane. When the aeration stops, the membrane firmly covers the check ring under the action of its own rebound and water depth pressure. At the sametime, 
the convex on the membrane is struck inside of the plate check ring, effectively preventing the backflow of mud water. In addition, the protrusion on the inner side of the diaphragm can guide the air flow to diffuse to surrounding, reduce the damage to the membrane in the long-term high-speed air flow, effectively avoid rupture of the membrane central area caused by overstretch, and extend membrane service life.

03. HMD disc diffuser is equipped with anti-deformation strengthening structure, thicken reinforcement structure and anti-falling seal bars to ensure the stability of the product under high strength and long-term operating conditions and prevent the membrane from falling off.

04. Special air flow channel design. Optimize the flow pattern of airflow. Reduce the loss of resistance along the path.

05. Strengthen the screw root of aeration to prevent the thread fracture.

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