Grounding for Electromagnetic Flow Meter supply in Malaysia

In this section the term "grounding" will be defined as: the arrangement of process wetted metal materials (piping, ground rings, ground electrodes), cabling ( ground straps, ground wires), and connections to stablereturences (often, but not always earth ground) required to achieve satisfactory operation of a magnetic flowmeter. As such, it applies to the instrumentation aspect of grounding, rather than to '*safety grounding".


Proper installation and grounding of magnetic flowmeters is important for accurate, reliable measurement performance. Stray AC or DC currents through the fluid or instrument can produra noise signals that may in turn interfere with the relatively low flow signals generated in today's modern pulsed DC magmeter.


Manufacturers provide a variety of elements (ground straps, ground electrodes, ground rings) and directions for the standard grounding of the magmeter.

Applications exist in which the user can not or should not m ake use of the traditional grounding connection to adjacent piping or to earth ground. These flow measurement applications are frequently encountered in electrolytic processes. I this case, the fluid passing through the magmeter flow tube may be at a potential significantly higher or lower than earth ground, and a connection to earth ground may be detrimental to the performance and even the reliability of the magmeter. These applications are typically compounded by the use of non-conductive or lined pipe and may feature acid or caustic flows which may necessitate the use of expensive wetted electrodes and grounding materials such as titanium platinum, or tantalum.

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