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Operating Principle for SA Stainless Steel Adjustable Air Knife

SA stainless steel precision air knife is designed according to the Coanda effect and jet principle, The air knife is composed of an air inlet, main air channel, primary distributor, tapered ventilation area, narrow air duct and secondary splitter plate.

The air outlet resistance is small and the wind speed is uniform. When the compressed air of the fan enters into the air knife, it is blown out at a high speed with a piece of air flow through the principle of Coanda effect and the special structure of the air knife.

After the primary air curtain deflects 45° from the air outlet blade to both sides, it will drain 25 to 10 times of ambient air, and form a thin high-intensity, large airflow impact air curtain. High intensity impingement air flow is formed by the action of an air knife, which means that you get higher quality and continuous blowing drying process.

It is especially suitable for ultrasonic cleaning machine, glass cleaning machine, circuit board, electroplating parts, coating, non-ferrous metal plate / wire production and other processes in a variety of processes; it can be used for barrier free isolation of harmful gases, dust, cold and hot air, blowing paper on printing paper and post printing drying; it can be used for rapid heating, thawing and high-temperature sterilization of food and medicine; it can be used for dedusting and electrostatic precipitating. It has the advantages of low noise and low consumption.

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