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Performance Feature for SA Stainless Steel Adjustable Air Knife

Main Material : 6061 T6 aluminium
The adjustment range of air blower : (0.3-3mm), cannot be adjusted 
Sealing gasket material : food grade Teflon gasket
Standard blowing accuracy : full blade + 5%
Heat resistant temperature : 350°C
Wind speed of air knife : 20 - 400m/s
Pressure resistance : 4kgf/cm2
Weight (per 100mm length) : 750g
Surface treatment : 8K mirror
Application fluid : air (air knife), water (spray water knife)

Optimized Structure
Using SUS304 high strength stainless steel material, which has high strength  and high pressure resistance. It adopts two-stage air distribution and current sharing structure. The wind speed at the air outlet of the air knife is more uniform, which is different from the ordinary adjustable stainless steel air knife.

Uniform air outlet
The error of wind speed at the left and right outlet of the air knife is within + 3.0% (expect the two ends of the air outlet of the air knife are 25mm).

Simple adjustment
When the wind speed is uneven or the fan is selected, it can also be used to adjust the width of the air outlet to solve the problem immediately.
a. Because of the wide adjustment of the air outlet, there will be some gas leakage from both sides of the air outlet.
b. Please read the operating instructions for the width adjustment method of the air outlet.

Wind knife without seam
The integral seam free blade can blow out the curtain air flow, which can blow out uniform air sources and play a high-performance air knife.

Flexible installation
The air inlet form can be customized according to use conditions, and the upper installation, lower installation or both sides installation can be selected. In addition, the adjustment of the blowing angle of the air knife is also very simple.The length of the air outlet is the same and the size is different.

High Performance
The blade is of isosceles type. The outlet of the air knife has the function of drainage and amplification, which can enlarge the air flow by 20-40 times and reduce energy consumption.

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