Special Bubble Cutting Mode for Fine Bubble Diffuser supply at Selangor

Special Bubble Cutting Mode 

** First Efficient Cutting
The air flow is ejected from the nozzle at high speed, forming a strong negative pressure at the bottom of the aerator, and the sewage and activated sludge at the bottom of the aerator are sucked into the aerator to achieve the first efficient cutting.

** Second Time Efficient Cutting 
The mixture flows through the spiral guide plate, and under the action of the rotary cutter, generating the violent vortex flow. This is the second efficient cutting.

**Third Time Efficient Cutting
Then, the spiral airflow is cut through the specially designed multi-layer cutting piece, after eight times multiple cutting, a large number of mm air bubbles and some micro-nano air bubbles are produced, achieving the third efficient cutting.

**Fourth Time Efficient Cutting
The spiral flow jets from the swirl aerator with high speed, diffusing around under the action of centrifugal force, forming many small whirlpools in the flow field, achieving the fourth efficient cutting.

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