Swirl Aerator Has-3000 supply in Kuala Lumpur-Semenyih

Swirl Aerator Has-3000

Product Advantage

1. Specially designed bubble cutting mode. The bubble is smaller and the oxygen utilization rate is high. DO value in the pool is maintained.

2. The aerator resistance loss is almost zero, reducing blower failure and reducing comprehensive energy consumption by 10 - 30%.

3. Large upwelling cyclone, strong force, no oxygen-filled blind area, no slit deposit at the bottom of the pool, suitable for all kinds of high concentration wastewater.

4. Non-plugging, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, suitable for corrosive, high hardness, easy scaling and other difficult sewage treatment.

5. No movable and fragile parts, high strength, high toughness, stable performance, strong and durable, with service life of 10 - 20 years.

6. Large service area, small quantity used, low pipeline cost and high cost-effective.

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