Connector for Fine Bubble Diffuser (Supplier in Semenyih)

During aeration operation, the aeration system is in a state of continuous high strength vibration. Also, heat expansion and cold shrinkage are common during operation. So it has high quality demand to aeration link parts. Link accessories perfectly match with disc aerator, and ensure stable product operation, reliable connection and convenient installation. The first rubber, plastic combination connector, can be applied to high strength working conditions.


- Rubber Saddle with 3/4NPT internal thread can be used for installation of HMD200/270/340 disc aerator on various plastic pipes such as ABS, UPVC, etc. It is suitable for pipes outside a diameter range of 75 - 110mm and wall thickness of 4 - 8mm. It can be used separately in general strength condition. Pipe opening diameter is 35mm.


- Fixed adapter should be used in conjunction with HC-Rubber saddle to form a combination of rubber and plastics, suitable for HMD340 disc aerator and high strength condition.


- It is suitable for DN50 air pipes. It needs glue for connection, so it is suitable for low strength sewage conditions.

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