Unique Connector Advantage for Fine Bubble Diffuser (supplier at Semennyih)

Unique Connector Advantage

1. Adopt soft rubber connection, which can play a buffer role under the conditions of aeration vibration and thermal expansion and cold contraction to prevent the loose connection.

2. The rubber saddle and the fixed adapter can be combined together to form a plastic and rubber combination link. which integrates the advantages of the two links and ensures the aeration system is stable and reliable.

3. Eliminate the traditional adhesive model for better reliable connection. Thread deep into the air pipe to prevent the connection displacement and rotation.

4. The connector has no metal parts, which is suitable for various high-salt conditions and free from corrosion.

5. The splicing structure at both ends of the fixed adapter can cushion the impact and avoid looseness.

6. The connector assembly requires no screw fixation during installation. It makes installation faster and convenient.

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