Operating Principle for TA Series Air Knife (Supplier at Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia)

Operating Principle for TA Series Air Knife
Air knife is also known as air curtain, wind curtain, strong wind curtain, super air knife, atrips air flow intensifier, etc. air knife is the most reliable and cost effective drying product in the world, which is widely used in the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries.
    After the compressed air of the super air knife enters into the air knife, it is blown out at a high speed with a gas flow sheet through the principle of Coenda effect and the special structure of the air knife. When the primary air curtain deflects 90 times, it will drain 25 to 40 times of the ambient air, and form a thin high-intensity, large airflow impact air curtain. Through the action of an air knife to form high-strength impact air flow, which is used in cleaning, drying, cooling and other occasions. 
     There are a lot of applications in the industrial field, such as blowing off the water on the surface of steel plate, aluminium alloy profiles, beverage bottles, packaging cans, etc., and removing the impurities, dust, residual liquid, moisture on the outer package, and cleaning the conveyor belt. Under the condition of compressed air supply, air knife products can perfectly meet these applications.
    The air knife is easy to install and maintain, reducing the compressed air consumption and noise level. This is the most effective design to date in gas blowing technology, which provides the best purge energy while reducing noise levels and air consumption. Super air knife of standard length can be provided, and it can also be customized according to customer's requirements.

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