Performance Feature for TA Series Air Knife (Semenyih suppliers)

Performance Feature for TA Series Air Knife 

Main Material : 6061 T6 aluminium
The adjustment range of air blower : (0.05-0.1mm), can be customized
Sealing gasket material : food grade silicone
Standard blowing accuracy : full blade + 2%
Heat resistant temperature : 200°C
Wind speed of air knife : 20 - 400m/s
Pressure resistance : 10kgf/cm2
Weight (per 100mm length) : 200g
Surface treatment : Anodic black
Application fluid : air (air knife), water (spray water knife)

  • It is made of high-strength 6061 T6 aluminum, alloy, light, simple and solid structure, no moving parts, not easy to be damaged, maintenance free, extremely long service life, reliable operation, suitable for harsh industrial environments.
  • Operation quietly, more balanced airflow, no vibration and low noise (70~80dB).
  • The air consumption of the air knife is only 50% of that of the traditional blowing pipe.
  • The air curtain blown out by the air knife is cold air, and there is no temperature rise.
  • The production of food grade materials fully meets the requirements of food grade.
  • It can replace the traditional fan and air pipe, and the wind power is stronger than that of the traditional air blowing pipe. The maximum air flow magnification of the air knife canreach 40 : 1
  • The air inlet can be selected at the side or back.
  • It is safe to use. It does not need electricity. It is driven by compressed air directly and has no risk of electric shock or explosion.
  • The customized length is 850mm, which can be customized in any length of 100-850mm.
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