High Performance-Butterfly Valve supplier at Selangor, KL (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

High Performance-Butterfly Valve


- Double offset disc design with a spherical profile seat eliminates seat wear and ensures perfect sealing every time.
- Availability of wafer or wafer lugged body with through drilled or threaded holes.
- Available in 3 distinctly different seat versions viz. PTFE eat. Fire Safe seat and Metal to Metal seated.
- Seat-lubricated drive end non-drive bearings for IVEX-T and IVEX-F models and galling free metal bearing for IVEX-M versions.
- Stuffing box type gland sealing to enable field adjustment of shaft sealing.
- Gland packing standardised on graphoil rings (non-asbestos) to offer widest operating temperature range coupled with excellent media resistance.
- Metal seat standardised on Inconel 625 material to offer maximum temperature resistance and minimum seat deformation.
- Option of seat material for soft seated version in virgin PTFE or filled PTFE.
- Seat removal without disconnecting the shaft and disc.
- Split ring type thrust pad provided for the drive end shaft prevents axial movement of the disc as well as ensures the required 'anti-static' feature for the valve.

Dimensions (in mm.) with Worm Gear

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