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Check Valve : Wafer Type Swing

Conformity to codes and standards
Design & face to face dimensions : API 6D / ANSI B16.10
Valve testing : API 598
Flanged standard conformity : ANSI 150, DIN PN10 & PN16, BS 10 Table D & E



* Very low face to face dimensions hence space required for mounting is less than 10% of that of conventional valves.

* Very low weight-total weight is only approximately 1/6 the weight of a conventional check valve.

* Short wafer body enables mounting the valve with shorter length fasteners pf ;esser number compared to flanged swing check valve. Approximately 50% saving in the cost of fasteners.

* Considerable secondary advantages resulting in substantial savings in handling, packing, transportation, installation and maintenance.

* Saving in terms of overall length required for piping.

* Tightening torque to be applied on the companion flange bolting is lower due to face sealing O-rings.

* Practically maintenance free due to fewer number of parts and simple construction.

* Self centering in the pipeline due to controlled outside diameter, enables easy installation.

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