Airus 3 Roots Blower , Model : HDSR 050 ( 2 units) supply to Ipoh, Perak

Assembling the 3kW motor to Roots Blower, Model : HDSR 050 sent to Ipoh, Perak.

Assembling the 3kw motor to the 50mms roots blowers ordered by customer and ready to deliver this week. Thanks to this customer, the trust bought a total of 2 units blowers from us.

Specification :-
Inlet airflow: Q = 1.24m3/min;

Matched motor: 3kW (415V, 50Hz);

Blower rpm: 1530 

Further information about Airus 3 Lobes Roots Blower, Malaysia, please contact Environmech Sdn Bhd Malaysia

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